QoF Version 34 Rules

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) Rules for Version 34 that apply to current 2016/17 QoF year have been released. Apart from the usual date amendments to reflect QoF 2016/17 there are a couple of code changes that may have an effect on your registers or achievement:

  • 68NE. No consent – influenza imm. (Both Read Version 2 (EMIS and Inps Vision) and CTv3 (TPP SystmOne)) has been removed as it does not indicate seasonal flu
    • Ensure templates, reports or protocols / macro’s are updated to remove and replace with:
      • 68NE0 No consent for seasonal influenza vaccination (V2)
      • Xaa9f No consent for seasonal influenza vaccination (CTv3)
  • Additional diagnosis codes for Dementia have been added
    • Check if any patients recorded with these and ensure bloods up to date and have a care plan in place
      • F118. Frontotemporal degeneration (V2)
      • F21y2 Binswanger’s disease (V2)
      • A410. Kuru (V2)
      • A411.% Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease (V2)
      • E02y1 Drug-induced dementia (CTv3)

Until these code clusters have been updated by the suppliers they will not be included in the EMIS, Inps Vision & TPP SystmOne clinical system contract searches.

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