QoF Version 33 Rules

QoF Version 33 Rules have been released by HSCIC and include codes added in the October 2015 release of Read codes. It is worthwhile making a check of any templates or protocols that you have in use to ensure that new codes are included and any changes to the existing code set are implemented.

Although the searches included within the clinical systems will still be version 32 being aware and acting upon changes now will ensure that when the new reports are included there will be no additional work required or missed patients.

There are some changes that will affect your register sizes and need to be looked at to ensure that your prevelance is not affected. These changes relate to:

  • Removal of Drugs INDACATEROL+GLYCOPYRRONIUM, INDACATEROL and OLODATEROL used to calculate the register for Asthma AST001
  • Removal of diagnosis code ‘Left ventricular cardiac dysfuntion’ used to calculate Heart Failure due to LVSD register HF003
  • Reclassification of some codes used for CKD diagnosis (Nice reclassified in April and some codes incoluded for Stage 3,4 and 5 removed) in CKD001

Create reports to identify those patients that may be affected by these changes and see if the coding used is still valid or needs to be reviewed especially LVSD and Asthma.

Information about the changes can be found at Version 33 Rulesets on HSCIC

The new codes added mainly relate to:

  • first and second inactivated seasonal influenza vacc added to a number of clusters
  • New drugs XARELTO and RIVAROXABAN as well as Exception codes that apply to these
  • New Exception for ‘Aspirin Declined’
  • ‘Maturity onset diabetes of the young type 5’ included for Diabetes diagnosis
  • ‘Not suitable for DESMOND programme’ for Diabetes structured education programme exception codes
  • New drugs for V2 (Emis and Vision) Contraception ELOINE and LEVOSERT
  • New drugs for CTv3 (SystmOne) Contraception¬†ALENINI and emergency contraception ISTERANDA
  • New drugs for Epilepsy diagnosis LECAENT and REWISCA
  • Removed code ‘Baseline body mass index’ from Obesity
  • New code for Palliative care to indicate ‘Last months of life’

Check new codes to ensure any templates or protocols are updated where necessary

We check for these so you don’t need to.

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