Impact and Investment Fund (IIF) SMR-03 Rules Update

There have been some updates to the business rules for the Network Contract DES (NCD) Impact and Investment Fund (IIF) which will make it easier to achieve the points available for the SMR-03 (NCD111) indicator. Previously the rule required patients who were on a direct-acting oral anti-coagulant (DOAC) to have a GFR within the contract […]

Applied or Presented patients could be costing you

Ask any support provider for clinical computer systems as to what creates the highest volume of calls and Registration Links will appear as one. Understanding not only the process but why the correct sequence of steps need to be done is key to ensuring your system runs smoothly. As a practice you are paid for […]

Allocated Named Accountable GP

For 2015/16 it is a contractual requirement for all Practices to Allocate and inform patients of their named GP. This requires the practice to enter the new code ‘patient allocated named accountable general practitioner’ (Read v2 – 9NN60 or CTv3 – XacWQ) to confirm the practice has allocated a GP to each patient which should […]

Residential Institute Codes

Over the last few years Most practices have migrated from one system to another or upgraded their existing system and one thing we come up with regularly when talking to practices is problems with registration links. On helping practices we have identified that the Residential Institute codes may not always have been updated or re-configured […]

DM014 – Structured Education could catch you out

QoF (Quality and Outcomes Framework) Reporting tools are a great way to identify the work needed to achieve your end of year targets but patients could not be displayed due to the exceptions included within the rules and these patients could catch you out for next year. There are a number of indicators that require […]