Applied or Presented patients could be costing you

Ask any support provider for clinical computer systems as to what creates the highest volume of calls and Registration Links will appear as one. Understanding not only the process but why the correct sequence of steps need to be done is key to ensuring your system runs smoothly. As a practice you are paid for each registered patient but does this figure match the number of patients showing as registered within the Exeter system used for payments?

A quick and easy check is to run a search looking for applied or presented patients and check how long these patients have been added to the system. If it is longer that 14 days then it is worth checking with you registration authority if the patient has been associated with your practice. If there is a high number are the processes you have in place for managing registration links working and do the people who manage these for you fully understand not only what to do but why these have to be done.

Applied or presented patients do not appear within your Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) searches so also checking these against your QoF registers could be worthwhile. At a recent practice visit it was identified that there was 33 patients with a status of applied or presented and 26 of these registered before 5 weeks ago. Of these 26 patients 11 would have appeared on QoF registers which was worth £1465 in missing prevelance income.

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