Version 30 Rulesets

HSCIC have released version 30 of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) rulesets. These can be downloaded from and also includes a useful summary page with the changes to each of the clusters and rules. The update has been made to include a number of new Read codes released in October 2014 which should be available in your clinical systems soon. It is worthwhile remembering that until the updated QoF reports are released any patients recorded with one of the new codes or medications will not appear in your QoF lists so have a process to ensure these monitored as per guidance.

One change to CKD is that the requirement to have the CKD stage 3 – 5 coded using a first or new episode has been removed. This means that if you haven’t already had a data quality assessment which would have identified this you may find that when the reports are updated you have a number of patients suddenly appear on the register requiring blood pressure and  ACR / PCR tests. Recent data quality assessments identified practices with recent migrations with registers showing 50-110 patients missing due to missing episodes and if these had not been identified would re-appear when version 30 audits are released onto the clinical systems.

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