Residential Institute Codes

Over the last few years Most practices have migrated from one system to another or upgraded their existing system and one thing we come up with regularly when talking to practices is problems with registration links. On helping practices we have identified that the Residential Institute codes may not always have been updated or re-configured when migrated meaning that recent new registrations of patients living in Residential Institutes may not have the code added to their registration details.

Practices are paid as part of the global sum which calculates a weighted population to determine how much is received to treat and manage these patients. As part of this global sum payment patients living in residential institutes are adjusted by 1.43 meaning that this could be worth an additional £30+ which if not accurately coded would not then be picked up. At a recent practice we identified 140 additional patients who did not have a valid Residential Institute code which could be worth an additional £4561 in Global sum payments.

Residential Institute codes can be obtained from Primary Care Support England (  and should then be setup in your clinical system so they can be used when patients are registered.

For more information on how to set up and use residential institute codes on your system either mail me, fill out the contact form below or Phone 07913 403587 to discuss further

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